Welcome - Information to make your visit more enjoyable
at Bayshores and Gulfshores Condominiums

Bayshores of Vanderbilt Beach Condo Assoc., Inc.

All renters and guest should check in with our Manager. The office is located in Cabana 13 at the north end of the Bayshores building. The Manager’s office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8AM to 3PM. The office phone number is 239-597-1343, cell number 507-400-1343. If you arrive when the office is closed, please call and leave a message, including your name and unit number, then follow-up with a visit to the manager during office hours. All renters are required to complete the Rental Application for approval prior to occupying the unit.


  • In the event of a fire emergency, fire extinguishers are located in the center of each floors’ walkway. Manual fire alarm pull stations are at BOTH ends of every walkway. When activated, alarms will sound calling for the building to be evacuated and the fire department will be dispatched. Stairs exiting the building are located at the ends of each walkway.
  • Grills are not allowed anywhere on the premises, including Lanais, balconies, common areas, walkways, cabanas or the beach.
  • Fire laws prohibit leaving or storing anything on walkways, stairwells or in the entranceway of your unit.
  • For the protection of all building occupants, all building entrance doors must remain closed and always locked. Remember to take your keys whenever you leave.

If you have problems within the apartment itself, call the rental agent or owner. Report dripping faucets, running toilets and any type of water leak immediately. If a water leak isn’t repaired in a timely manner by your Agent/Owner, please contact the Manager for assistance. If you have other problems or questions, check with the manager. The manager is not authorized to repair individual units.

Each unit comes with one assigned parking space, either in the building’s lot or garage. USE ONLY YOUR ASSIGNED SPACE. No trucks, motorcycles, trailers, boats, campers, or RVs are permitted at any time. Guest parking is across the in front of Vanderbilt Bay I & II. Use only the guest parking spaces facing the road which are marked “BAYSHORES” or “GULFSHORES”. All overnight guest vehicles must be registered with the Manager and display a parking tag.


  • Children are welcome but must be supervised. Young children must be always accompanied by an adult, especially in lobby, elevators, restrooms, and at the pool. Children using the pool should be instructed to use the restrooms when necessary.
  • PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED on condominium property and/or in the units.


  • Do not track sand or water into the buildings. Use brushes and showers on the beach walkways to clean sand from feet/shoes.
  • Trash chutes are located on each floor, in Bayshores opposite the elevator doors, in Gulfshores next to the North stairway. All items should be secured in a plastic bag before putting down the chute. Items too large for chute should be taken to the dumpster on the ground floor under the trash chute. Recycling is located downstairs by dumpster on ground floor.
  • There are shopping carts and a luggage trolley in the area immediately adjacent to the lobby. Return them immediately after use.

HOURS are from DAWN to DUSK. Shower off sand and lotions before entering pool. Adults must supervise children at all times. Glass is never allowed in the pool area or beach. Untrained babies are not permitted in the pool without proper “swimmer diapers”. Furniture is not to be reserved or removed from the pool decks. Additional rules are posted at each pool.

Tennis courts are located across the street at Vanderbilt Bay and are available on a first-come basis. Lock # is 3466

Access to the beach from Bayshores is through the Lobby. Access to the beach from Gulfshores is through the garage (door just North of the directory.). Your lobby door key also opens the gate between the buildings. The restrooms are located in the pool area of Bayshores, and on the North side of the Bayshores building for Gulfshores (through the locked gate.) TAKE YOUR KEYS!

MAILBOXES for each unit are on the wall in the lobby. A mailbox for outgoing mail is also located there. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE BOX. Your mail should be properly addressed with your unit number.

NOISE must be kept to a minimum, between 9pm and 8am. At no time is shouting from the ground to the lanais/walkways permitted.